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Walter Feuz with his dog Sam and horse Tuffy.


A 100+ Year Jackson Hole Legacy


Our great-grandparents homesteaded in Jackson Hole in 1912. As a family, we grew up caring for the land. Over time many ranching families departed the valley as property prices escalated and gave way to development.  Our love of Jackson Hole and our western heritage led us to look for ways to conserve the open space as one of the few remaining historic ranches in Teton County.


Rather than selling the ranch to another golf course or condo developer, we chose to begin hosting events as a way of sustaining the space and sharing our passion for the land’s dynamic natural beauty.  When you plan an event at the Diamond Cross Ranch, we work tirelessly to make sure you have an amazing experience. 


Our property continues to be family owned and the views of the Grand Tetons are unobstructed by any sort of commercial developments. 


We hope to maintain the property as open space for generations to come.  We truly appreciate your support in doing so.


Grant & Jane




The Diamond Cross Ranch is a historical working ranch. The ranch is owned by Grant and Jane Golliher, third generation ranchers.


Fred and Caroline Feuz, (Jane’s grandparents) arrived in Jackson in 1912 and were some of the earliest settlers in Jackson Hole.


Jane’s parents, Walter (pictured above with his dog Sam and horse Tuffy) and Betty, later formed the family's existing cattle ranch when they purchased additional land in the 1940's. The property is surrounded by the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Grand Teton National Park' and the rich mountain soil produces lush green pastures for our cattle and horses to graze. The ranch features unobstructed views of the Grand Tetons.


Grant Golliher has spent his life working with horses. An early proponent of the Horse Whispering method of training, Grant travels around the country and world using the principles to help individuals and Fortune 500 companies unlock their vast untapped potential.


Jane Golliher is a third generation rancher born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In fact, Jane’s grandparents were some of the first homesteaders in the area. She has been riding horses as long as she has been walking.

Grant and Jane have three children. The entire family shares a passion for the outdoors and maintaining their Western heritage for generations to come.